Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching up the blog!

 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom- Paul, Paris, Mason and Alex went on this ride, Sky Screamer, which is 15 stories high and spins 43 miles per hour... yuck.  I took this photo while they were all up there and felt sick to my stomach just watching.

Alex holding a very large snake.

 Feeding the birds... at one point Paris had three birds on her arm and one on her head.
 The new addition to our backyard!  Paul and I spent many hours last weekend putting it up.
 The first jumps!
 Mason  and Ko jumping-

 Alex and Charlie during field trip to library.

 Buena Vista Field Day.  Mason (in tie-dye) doing tug-of-war.
 Sponge races...
 Paris and her class getting ready for tug-of-war

 Kindergarten career night.  Mason was a karate master.  His friend on the right was the Mayor of Walnut Creek.
 Amelia and Paris at the Brownie overnight camping trip.
 Alex (holding the sign above his head) and Paris (playing Mrs. Bolt, an antique shop owner) performing in the play, The Quest, together.

 Alex (holding the blue bucket) also doubled as a "dog" in the play.

 A much happier and relaxed kindergarten at the end of the year!
A few shots of Alex's game.

Paris and Jennifer before starting their Girls on the Run 5K.
 ...and celebrating afterward with lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.


Jill said...

You guys have been busy! First of all, love the mayor of Walnut Creek. Too adorable.

Glad to hear that your family loves scary rides and that you hate them. We can stick together on this. Looks like you are keeping busy!

Kristi said...

Wow...good update....love seeing all the activities. I can't believe everyone but you went on that ride...that's crazy!
Fun that you got the trampoline....I bet all their friends are happy too!
Everyone looks adorable and happy

Julie said...

Ok, I am SO jealous of your new trampoline. I might need to book a few appointments to come over there and jump to my heart's content..(when everyone is away and I can do so in total privacy!!)