Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hawaii Vacation- Part 1

Arriving at the condo... the green awning to the right was our unit. We took a quick walk around...

... then changed in the lobby bathroom (our place was not ready yet) and headed out to the beach and pools.
First steps onto the beach with their glowing, white bodies :)

Then we made our way to the waterfall pool.

We caught and loved these huge toads each night. They walked around the condo pathways like they were people.
Speaks for itself- pure joy playing in the ocean.

Hawaiian or Italian? Hard to tell!

The Griswalds heading down to the pool.

We caught several of these little sand crabs, and Paris has a wounded fingernail to prove it.

Sunset in Lahaina.

We loved this hula show at the Lahaina Cannery.

Hawaii - Part 2

Our patio was surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers like this.

Alex loved the boogie board and got quite good at it.

Paris catching her first wave on the boogie board.

Mason posing on the beach in front of our hotel. He called the boogie board his "surf board" and made many attempt at surfing with it.

We got one boogie board to share and it was a popular item... they used it to surf, pull each other around (like here) and boogie board.

A highlight for Alex was getting the scariest possible henna tattoo.

... and here he is showing it off.

Mason prized possession was this ukelele, which he strummed regularly, much to his sibling's chagrin.

Mason, Paris and me snorkeling at Black Rock.

We loved this area. He are the kids watching the sunset ceremony. The torch lighter is climbing the rock here.

Then he dove off into the water... it was beautiful.
Paris was in a trance in this water... she swam around and waded in and out for hours by herself. Here she is right by a turtle (look closely in the water). The turtle swam around her for a long time... she was so excited.

Outside Leilani's waiting for our table.

We all enjoyed this slide over and over and over again.

Local Boys for yummy shave ice.

This is right outside our patio and on the way to the pool/beach.

Sunset at our hotel beach.

... and more shave ice- a definite high light of the trip.

Second to last day at Napili Beach- our favorite beach of all!

Paul and Paris went on a major exploration of the tide pools and found crabs, pretty shells and a lot of fish. Here they are returning and showing Mason their findings.

Mason decided he wanted to swim in the "little pools" at Napili, which were warm tide pools.

Toward the end of the day the waves were awesome to play in. Here is Paul and Paris catching a huge wave.

On our way to the airport we stopped at a look out point and saw whales again. It was a great ending to wonderful trip.
If you zoom in on this photo you can see three white objects. The two outside objects are whale watching boats and the middle spot is the splashing of a whale's tail.

Thanks to the Acobas for their amazing input and suggestions for our trip. One day we hope to all be there together!!