Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alex's Play Debut

Alex participated in the 1st Grade musical play, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. He was in a group of "Silly Kids" who kept interrupting the play. His group came out 3 times and starting performing the wrong play. Here they are singing a song from The Three Little Pigs. Alex loved making the audience laugh:) Here he is as the Big, Bad Wolf.

Alex was so happy to have his friend Charlie come to watch.
On Thursday evening Paris' 3rd grade class had a poetry night at Barnes and Noble where they each read two of their own poems then did a group reading. The poems were beautiful and had many parents in tears:)

One last pic of Paris and Jennifer from Mason's bday party:)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mason Turned 6 Years Old!

Birthday breakfast... glazed doughnut, bacon-wrapped sausages and orange julius:)

Picking up his "Bey Blade" cake on the way to the party.

Singing "Happy Birthday To You" to Mason in front of everyone.
Ko, Collin, Alex and Mason sneeking another peek at the cake.
The mature ladies of the party:)... Megan, Paris and Jennifer.
Ko and Mason drunk on fun.
Ko, Mason and Patrick all sweaty and hot.

Back home- an action shot of Alex and Mason have a "Bey battle" with some of Mason's new bey blades (his new obsession of life:))

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Baseball Game of the Season.

Alex's first two games were rained out so last night was the opener. They started out playing the best team in the league so it was a bit of a rude awakening, but fun nonetheless:)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Way overdue update!!

Mason thrives in his karate class and recently passed his green-striped belt test. Here he is (left side in middle) during the test, which is a 2 hour, intense workout.

The top 5 belts had to move up front and do at least 25 pushups... he did 25 perfectly formed, full pushups. I was gasping out loud (dramatic but I couldn't help it) and shocked that he was able to do it:)

That's Mason on the right battling it out with batons and full head gear on a balance beam... gladiator style!

Practicing wrestling and takedowns moves with an older "true" black belt student.

Being awarded his green belt by the instructor at the end of the test.
Playdate with Mason's BFF, Ko!! ...he returned from Japan after a 2 month visit.
Paris is playing softball for the first time this year and is loving it!

She also shocked us all by auditioning for a school musical (Little Red Riding Hood) and getting the part of Granny. She sang two solos and caught the acting bug.

Paris and her friend, Amelia, selling girl scout cookies downtown in front of H&M.

She also started another season of Girls on the Run... that's her in the back right. Great news was that her friend, Jennifer (in green) was able to join the team even though she goes to another school.

Alex started baseball too (he's on the Orioles again this year:)), but since i don't have any pics yet, here he is trying on my reading glasses...and looking like he's 15 yrs. old.

Alex's (back row in blue) 1st grade class on Dr. Seuss day. They wore their pjs. and had reading parties all day.
Mason is obsessed with the piano and plays very well (self-taught;)). Richard came by recently and played for him and Mason just ate it up.