Sunday, September 13, 2009

Paris' first soccer game.

Although the uniforms are blue, Paris' team is thankfully called the 'Pink Pixies'!! The first game was a blast. Paris was so excited and enthusiastic and exhausted. The only goal scored for her team was done accidently by the other team :) None of the girls even cared or noticed.

#19 in honor of grandpa-
Paris' number 1 fans-You go girl!
Mason and Alex even played some pick-up soccer with a little friend.

End of game- I don't think Paris had any idea how much non-stop running she'd be doing- she was hot and exhausted.

Our annual trip to Fairyland in Oakland

Alex, Mason and Paris were swallowed by a whale at Fairyland last weekend. Here they are in his throat.

Alex and Paris braved the Ferris Wheel this year.
Mason got on without a second thought (and rode by himself).The dragon slide.

An angry criminal.

Waiting for the train ride-