Sunday, August 30, 2009

NEWS FLASH at the Lisi house!!

Notice anything strange about this picture? Paris has actually, willingly agreed to play on a soccer team with her friend, Molly. Her first practice is Thursday so we got the gear (the cleats and shin guards had to have a lot of pink or it was a no-go)and practiced a little bit today in the driveway. This is a big step for a little girl who sees no value in organized sports :)

Training for the X Games-

Mason is following in his big brother's footsteps. This was his first time trying his scooter in the skate park- now if only he would trade the flip flops for sneakers.Paris' third day of school-

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Days of School

Today was Paris' first day of First Grade.

I snapped this shot at the end of the day... she was tired but loved her first day.

Paris was thrilled to have her friend, Molly in her class!! She has 28 kids in her class and 21 of them are boys :(Today was also Alex and Mason's first day of pre-k/preschool.

Just for laughs... here's a preview of Mason's Halloween costume.
'Knight In Shining Armor'

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lake Don Pedro

Paul's new company had their annual picnic/camping trip yesterday. We went up for the day and had a fun time. Here the kids and Paul are swimming in the lagoon, which is nearby the lake.

We were able to go on a cool boat ride, which was both terrifying (initially for Paul and I :) ) and exciting (the kids loved it). We started out at 5 mph for a ways until we got out of the docking area, then, w/o warning, we shot to 40mph within seconds. I had no idea we would be going that fast and was quite ill at ease for a while. Once I was able to relax (and realize that we weren't all going to die), it was very enjoyable.Paris and Alex watching the waves.

The lake is huge (186 miles long and over 100 feet deep). The driver stopped so everyone could swim. Without hesitation Paris jumped right overboard with Paul... Mason followed closely behind.

Alex needed a little more time to think about it. Here is watching Paul and Paris swim.

Alex finally made the plunge!And here's what the car ride home looked like... even Paris's American Girl doll was passed out.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sewing Class

Paris has been learning to sew this summer. Her latest accomplishment was this apron that she made yesterday. She cut out the fabric and sewed the entire apron using a sewing machine, then stitched on the cupcake and hot-glued gunned on the sprinkles all by herself.

Part Three- MT -

Paris wrote a note to leave at the cemetery for Grandpa.

One of many trips to Sugar and Spice!

Jim and Alex going for the football.Mason and Alex are munching on one of Aunt Pam's brownies.In front of Sugar and Spice- our traditional picture.

Thoroughly enjoying a MT summer rainstorm. At one point they were all laying down in the rain gutter with water rushing over them.

Yellowstone Country ClubAdorable cousin, Caitlin.

Jim, Mike and Paul.

Part Two-

Paris and Alex at Pioneer Park going down the OLD slide that I went down a lot as a kid :)

Our nightly ritual of hanging outside after dinner. We took walks, played football, rode scooters... all very simple and very fun.
Alex, Paris, Uncle Mike and Uncle Dan.

A definite highlight for Alex was his first fishing trip with his favorite person on the planet. Mike,Paul, Alex and Mason went down to Riverfront Park, and both Alex and Mike caught three fish each... very thrilling for Alex.

Look closely and you'll see the huge catch on Mike's line.

Here it is - Alex's first fish ever, an 8 lb. trout!!

A highlight for Paris was roasting marshmallows over a fire (for the first time) with Omi and making smores.

Jim, Mason and Paris (with mouth stuffed).

Giving Omi her b-day presents.

The kids with Aunt Pam and Trent.

Part One of our MT Trip!

Paul, Paris, Alex and Mason heading into the Oakland Airport. Our airplane travels were a success this year- first time ever without a screaming child - we have crossed (hopefully) a major milestone here!
Arriving in MT and very excited to see Omi!It was very cool for most of our trip so we were pleasantly surprised to hear about a new indoor waterpark in Billings. We spent the day there with cousins, Krista and Trent and had a great time.

This lilly pad crossing was Alex's favorite attraction.

Paul and Mason waiting for a huge bucket of water to dump on them.

Paris and Krista in the wave pool.

Paul shooting out of the water slide.