Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few random updates-

We stopped by a miniature horse show last weekend- the horses were so tiny and cute.

Day on the green at Paris' school- the kids flew kites got the hair dyed and watched a cool animal show.
Paris is in the middle holding a huge boa constrictor. They did the same animal show at the beginning of the year and Paris volunteered to have a tarantula crawl all over her head and face- she loved every minute of it.

Celebrating Cassey's 7th b-day at Chuck E. Cheeses.
Paris and Isabella taking the plunge at another b-day party a couple of weeks ago.

Bonding over Popeye.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Mom's Teas at Preschool

Please notice a few funny "facts" here on Mason's "My Mommy" sheet.

And, again, please notice my age and hair do in this art project by Alex :) The other mom's commented that Alex might of thought he was supposed to make a spider instead of a portrait of his mom:)

Playdate with Alex,his friend, Andrew and Mason.
Alex is in the front row, second one over.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Paris' daisy scout troop got to attend girls scout camp on Thurs. from 3-7pm. The girls got to cook their own dinner and smores over the fire pit, play games and do skits at the campfire.

Paris' good friend, Jennifer was there with her troop.
Paris' troop was picked to do the flag ceremony. Here is Paris carrying the flag- she got to attach it to the flag pole and pull it up- pretty official business :)

Cooking hot dogs with the three older girl scouts who were helping our troop-

Practicing a skit.

Paris and Alex had soccer tryouts this Saturday. It was Alex's first time playing and he loved it... now we have to wait until August when the season starts.

Paris and her friend, Ryan, from soccer- they are hoping to get on the same team again.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Last Saturday was a big "biking"day. Paris finally graduated from her Cinderella bike that she has had since her 3rd birthday. Here she is practicing on her new 20" mountain bike.

Dad's day at preschool.

And... for the really big news- Mason started riding w/o training wheels.