Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alex's first trip to the skate shop to get a new board-

Alex got his first custom skateboard a few days ago. The one he was using (which is a totally cool one that Roman actually made in wood shop in 7th grade) was too big and heavy to learn tricks with (but perfect to learn on!). He and Paris are watching the board being assembled.
Putting on trucks and wheels and...

Viola... the proud owner steps on for the first time.

Paris was very helpful in picking out the design.
Alex skated right out of the shop.

Fashion Show

I couldn't resist posting this picture... Paris dressed herself and Mason up and they had a ball.

Our final days with our cousins were filled with more fun. It was very hard to say goodbye!!

Sy, Soren, Mason, Paris and Alex showing off their loot from The Jungle-Our final, fancy luncheon at McDonalds.

The final sad moments of goodbye- First the loveys had to embrace...

...then the big "pick-up" hug...
... and the last big smiles...
Here is a tribute to Sy's great lego building skills - this is a collection of his final work.

We had the most amazing first 4 weeks of summer with our cousins and Aunt Annie... it was like a dream come true to spend so much time together. We will miss all of you (and Uncle Craig!) so much!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The cousins have been bonding big time :)

After each day of Vacation Bible School, the kids sat down for a fruit chews snack before heading home. VBS went great and Annie and I enjoyed our morning breaks!

Here we all are at the library turning in Summer Reading Program logs and collecting prizes. They each got a new book, blow-up guitar and many cool coupons for free pizza, ice cream cones etc...

Soren and Paris hamming it up on stage at the park. They put on some cute little skits together, Soren is clearly destined for Hollywood! That little, adorable guy is hilarious and comes up with quite the array of stories.

Here is Sy honing his skateboarding skills!

After perhaps a little too much "cousin time", the kids got their cold stone ice creams and each headed to their own table. Good thing we were the only ones in the place b/c we used every table :)
A very proud Mason finally being allowed to ride the big ATV.

Major progress on the skateboard!

Alex has been living and breathing skateboarding lately and has acquired a few new skills. He just started going down the bigger ramps and his 6-yr. old friend, Joshua, taught him how to go down stairs.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer fun with great friends!

We had a great day at Civic Park on Monday with Julie and her boys Nico and Mickey (who are visiting from France), my friend Gill and her kids Jennifer and Patrick and Anne and her boys.

Nico and Alex playing frisbee.

Tuesday we swam and the kids all played tag with some other friends from the pool.
Alex, Mickey, Paris, Nico and Mason enjoying In and Out Burger.

Moss Beach Marine Preserve

We met the Andersons near Half Moon Bay today to see some amazing tide pools full of anenomes, hermit crabs, starfish, sea urchins and and much more. This was one of the interesting creatures we saw.
Uncle Craig with Alex and Mason.

Craig, Paris and Paul-

Happy sisters!Soren, Mason and Alex exploring a little cave.

The cousins enjoying push-up popsicles (bet you can't guess who the two biggest hams are in the group).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Male bonding at the beach!
Sy and Alex

It was cooler than usual but Paris was one of the few who braved the water.

Uncle Craig and Uncle Paul built a cool underground sand fort.

Soren had a goal to fill his bucket- mission complete!

Synchronized "fireworks"!!
(Mason, Soren, Sy, Paris and Alex)
Showing off the one and only cake (red velvet) I have ever made (thanks to Anne expert advice).

-Lisi Family Photo-

Friday, July 3, 2009

Oakland A's Baseball game-

We all had a lot of fun at the game, although very little baseball was actually watched:)

Anne, Soren and Sy.
Soren and Mason enjoying a ring pop after the game.
Paris, Alex and Sy won A's hats.