Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring Gardening - Part 2

On Monday we spent several hours out in our garden. Some of the seeds we planted a few weeks ago did not sprout so we replaced them with plants. Now we have carrots, tomatoes, corn, cucumber, green beans, strawberries and watermelon well on their way! Paris, Alex and Mason planted (and fertilized) it all and loved every minute of it.

Even though the sun was out it was windy and chilly - the kids ended up cuddling up in the lid of the sand box for a long break.
They quickly got too scrunched and opted for larger accomodations.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kindergarten Career Night

Tonight the kindergarteners (all 80 of them) had a career parade and music program. Each student picked a career, dressed the part then was introduced to the audience as that career person. There were doctors, lawyers, astronauts, dancers, scientists, firemen etc... Paris wanted to be a yoga instructor :) After their introductions, each person walked down a fancy, lit up runway in front of huge crowd of parents. It was really cute! Turn up your volume on the first video and you might be able to hear Paris' introduction by her teacher.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Backyard pool party-

It was 95 degrees today -

Alex went on a field trip today with his preschool.
Alex, Coco and Cooper-

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter weekend was filled with family fun!!

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Uncle Mike gave private golf lessons to Alex and Paris.

Cuddling (and snoozing) on the couch after some strenuous golf.

The twins showing support for their favorite team.

Liam and Bo joined us for Easter dinner-

Some big, hungry men filling their Easter plates.

Is this what we do in our Easter dress?We had one more drop-in Easter visitor.
Bo, Omi and Liam

Omi made our entire yummy Easter dinner, including this delicious trifle (thanks for the recipe, Annie!).

The kids loved having their cousins (and Bo's girlfriend, Kiera) here!

We got a couple of fun swim sessions in with Uncle Mike.


Easter Baskets-

Heading to the park for an Easter egg hunt.

Meeting up with Jennifer and Patrick.

Alex LOVES Uncle Mike and spent most of the time attached to his hip.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A few random photos from our exciting (not) Spring Break week.

We have had a low key week, since we celebrated our real Spring Break last week with the Acoba family. Today we had a picnic at the park.Here is Mason sporting his new birthday outfit from Omi. He was strutting around in it and knew he looked good :)
Thoroughly enjoying Mason's bubble machine - a totally fun birthday present from the Acobas!
A scrappy looking crew first thing in the morning.