Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ladies of Leisure :)

I just returned from my lovely, annual trip to Palm Springs to see my mom. Here we are at the spa about to be pampered.

Out on the patio enjoying lunch. My mom prepared the MOST delicious lunch I have ever had each day out here while enjoying the weather, the view and the humming birds.

And here it is... two delicious pasta salads, avocado w/ lemon, raspberry/strawberry/mango salad and bread sticks... all with a glass of wine. Pure heaven!

We loved these awesome wind spinners that we found in El Paseo.

Wine tasting ... a delicious, sweet reisling.

At the street fair modeling our new, matching necklaces.

Doing what I did best throughout the weekend... lounging for life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Mason's Pool Party

Arriving at the indoor pool and getting ready for guest to show up. Excitement was abounding.

Pure joy as each kid descended into the pool.

Mason and his very best preschool friend, Collin.

Paris and Portia

The pool was sectioned off for the party and several of these platforms were submerged for the kids to play on and jump off. Here is Mason with two more of his best friends, Connor and Patrick.

Group photo

Mason picked Tom and Jerry for his cake this year.

Mason was thrilled with this large nerf uzi that he got from a friend- it is practically bigger than him but he has mastered it.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mason's Turning the Big "5"!!

Here is the 5 year old (actual b-day is 3/24 but today is the party) at 8 am today. Immediately after breakfast he got his bathing suit on to prepare for his 2pm swimming party.

Spongebob and doughnuts for breakfast.
We started opening presents early.

And for some more family excitement... the Orioles (plus two) are going to Hawaii for Spring break.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hodge podge of photos since last post-

Uncle Jeff was here for a quick visit. He got to see some of Mason's kung fu moves.

We had some yummy Thai take out and played blokus, uno and zingo.

Jeff tried out Wii for the first time... here he is boxing (and losing) to Mason.

Ice cream sandwiches on top of the play house.

Mason's first time at Build-a-Bear was a huge success.

Proud owner of a new animal named "Doggie".

Paris is still cooking away every Weds.
Paris, Madi, Amelia and Portia have been meeting every Monday after school. Here they are having a snow cone in the backyard.

... and playing four-square in the front yard.
Boy's turn for a snow cone... we got a snow cone maker for X-mas, which has been a huge hit!