Thursday, May 21, 2009

The weeks are flying by-

I snapped this shot of Paris and her friends during P.E. this week- they have started running laps and, amazingly enough, all the kids love doing it.Paris is sporting her new fancy sundress and sparkly flip-flops from Omi!

The men got their first buzzes of the year this week- compliments of their momma.

Our first trip to the beach was a success. The weather and water were warm and we swam all day long. (Notice the 'before' shaggy wig on Mason)
The little man could only take so much excitement and ended up sleeping for the last couple hours.

This is what I got when I asked Alex to give me his NORMAL smile.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Saturday-

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Belated Mother's Day post... Paris and I did a Mother's Flower Stroll in downtown Walnut Creek. Each participating store handed out a different flower. We had a nice walk and ended up with a beautiful bouquet.
We spent the rest of Mother's Day at a pool birthday party. Mason and Alex enjoyed watching Paul and Roman play chess.

The days have been heating up. Yesterday after school Paris watered our vegetable garden then immediately drenched herself with the hose.
It was already warm first thing this morning...... so we broke out our new and improved backyard pool. The kids have spent the entire day in it so far.
Mason was in his birthday suit the whole day :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Week in Review :)

Today I went to a Mother's Day ice cream social at Alex's preschool. Here he is giving me a present... homemade lavender perfume, homemade barrette and his hand print.
Yesterday was Mason's ice cream social and performance.

This was my mother's day present from Mason... a very fancy hat!

On Wednesday Paris' girl scout troop got to go to a fun swim birthday party for one of the girls. Paris is front and center-

We were lucky enough to have a very reasonably priced and highly skilled plumber come over to fix a leak in our kitchen sink.
The plumber also doubles as a skater...

...and stunt bike rider.
Earlier in the week during a rainy day we spent a few hours browsing through Toys R Us where an intense, pretend race broke out.