Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here is Alex's team on Opening Day. He has his arm crossed over his shirt.

The first game was last night. This is Alex and his friend, Dillon, from preschool. The whole game was hilarious and like watching a Saturday Night Live skit :) When Alex and Dillon saw each other on the field they were tickled pink. The entire game they waved to each other and said "hello" about 15 times... even though they see each other every day at school. Alex's best play of the game came when he was a runner on third base and fielded a ball for the other team... he ran right off of third and scooped up a ball and almost threw it toward first, until a coach intervened- it was very comical.

Paris and Paul after her Spring Concert at school a few nights ago.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Mason's 4th Birthday Bash-

Posing with his Sponge Bob cake.

Roman,Paris and Mason-

Jennifer, Patrick and Mason playing with his leapster.

Thank goodness Cydney could come- she was first on Mason's list of invitees :)
We were lucky to have beautiful, sunny, warm weather for the day.

Lining up for the pinata.

Gathering loot-
Mason has been talking about having a jumper for his birthday ever since
we had one last year. Now begins the countdown for his jumper for his 5th b-day :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Big Birthday Boy is Four-

Mason's 4th birthday party is this afternoon, but here are some pre-party photos. I decided to get crafty (thanks to Annie's and Kristi's endeavors) and make a birthday sign.

Here's the very excited birthday boy.

Omi's much coveted packages arrived yesterday.

Thank you to Omi for a very awesome Leapster 2, which all the kids are loving.
Here are a couple photos of our newest family member, Moca.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Emotional weekend-

We lost our poor, sweet, gentle Gladys on Saturday morning. After a very rough Friday night we knew it was time to say goodbye. She was such a huge blessing to our family and gave us so much more than we could have ever given her.

Up to the very end she wagged her tail when we were near and wanted to have her tummy rubbed gently. Paris covered her with a baby blanket and put little animals nearby to make her more cozy.

Having Gladys in our lives made us realize that we are ready for pets now. We visited ARF (animal rescue foundation) Saturday afternoon and met Moca, who has some amazing similarities to Gladys. We all fell in love and brought her home with us.

Paris has made several cards and pictures for Gladys already and , this morning she brought down a note that was a total tearjerker - It read, "We got Mocha wen we lost Gladys. She past away. We went to ARF. We saw Mocha. We loved her. She was so bewtifol. So was Gladys. We love Mocha. The end."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alex and Paris enjoying an after school snack in their backyard "club" today- it is almost 80 degrees.

Our sweet little Gladys-

We are all appreciating every moment with Gladys while we can!

Here is Mason cheering on his brother at basketball yesterday-
Mason sings this preschool prayer 500 times per day so i decided to document it for the records. Alex (he also knows the song from preschool) is very perturbed about the use of "breath" instead of "bread"... but I explained that both work well :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alex (in the blue shirt) and Patrick (in the white shirt) are taking basketball together. The class is for 4,5 and 6 year olds and they have already learned about blocking out and rebounding ?! We are still waiting for the simple things like shooting and dribbling to be taught :)

Warming up-
Here is Alex guarding the instructor-

Alex, Patrick and Mason enjoying their favorite part of class- the snack afterward.
Paris set all of her animals up in a corner of her room a couple weeks ago. She reads them two stories and kisses them each good night every night :)

This is Paris' private homework area away from the boys.

Alex had his first baseball practice yesterday. He is on the A's which is pretty awesome!!

Alex is number 34- and that's Paul (assistant coach) throwing them grounders.

Today was Paris' first time selling Girl Scout cookies out in front of a store with her troop. Here she is with Isabella taking a little break. They had a great time and sold over $200 worth of cookies.

Here is Alex getting a good hit during batting practice.