Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Utah Snow Vacation was a Major Success!

First things first, we built this HUGE snowman as soon as we arrived at Annie's house.Psyche! It was actually tiny (see below) b/c the snow was not packing well. Nonetheless it was thrilling :)

All the cousins got to go watch Sy's karate class (he's awesome!), then we went to Pirate Island Pizza (think of a pirate -themed Chucky Cheese, only way better). Here's Mason,3, Soren,4, Alex,5, Sy,6, and Paris,7. That's right, perfectly ordered from ages 3 to 7. Annie and I planned it that way on purpose :)First night at Aunt Annies - a game of Old Maid.
After the kids went to bed, Annie and Craig broke out the Wii, which neither Paul or I had ever played. Annie showed off her dancing skills, then Paul braved it out with this disco dance- it was pretty hilarious. We also bowled and played tennis... definitely will be investing in Wii soon!
Here are Sy, Alex and Paris waiting for the shuttle from the parking lot to the Sundance lodge.

Paris and Alex took a 2.5 hour lesson together to start off the day. Here they are hauling their skiis up to the rope tow area with their instructor. I spied on them for most of the lesson, and they had no idea I was around.

After about 5 times going down the bunny slope, here there are for the first time in the lift line. They still didn't know I was watching. Although I was excited for them I nearly died watching them get on the lift (as witnessed in the upcoming video). I just wasn't sure they were ready....

Here they are on the lift- the instructor saw me and gave me a thumbs up :) I think she knew that I was nauseous with nervousness.

Here they are coming down the main hill... and still didn't know I was skiing behind them- darn worry-wart mom :)

Lunching in the lodge. We also rented skiis for Mason, but we chickened out, and he spent the day watching videos and playing in the snow with Paul. Poor Annie and Soren were sick at home.

After lunch, Craig, Sy, Paris and I took a few runs together. I honestly couldn't keep up with Sy and Paris- they were shooting down the hill like pros.

Here is a beautiful view from the chairlift.

Waiting in the lift line.
Paul and Mason watching us getting on the lift.

Major male, cousin bonding took place over the Wii. This was Alex's first time and he much appreciated the opportunity!

Our next snow adventure took place at Soldier's Hollow, where we went tubing. It was terrifying and thrilling (for Annie and I) and just thrilling for everyone else. Here Paris and Mason were just getting ready to get towed up to the top... Soren (who had no fear and went down by himself every time) and Craig are in the background.

Paul was like a teenager... this was definitely the highlight of the trip for him. He went down a million time :)
Here's Annie going down. This was before she perfected a technique for us (me and her) which enabled us to be in control rather than careen down at full speed, spinning around and around the whole time. Once she shared the technique with me, I actually enjoyed the sledding. My first time down I was going so fast that I crashed through the fences at the end of the run- very not appropriate.

Alex and Paris waiting at the top.

Paris, Alex and Annie getting towed up to the top.

After sledding, Annie took Paris and me to an adorable, fancy cafe and boutique for a special, girl's only outing.

That night Jeff, Cass, Bo and his girlfriend, Kiera and Maddie joined us for Thai food and dessert to celebrate Craig, Cass and Paul's birthday. Unfortunately my camera went crazy and this was the only nonblurry photo I could salvage.

Paris and Sy played "Stars Wars" for their final Hurrah before we had to leave.

The final waves goodbye.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guess who turned the big 40 today?

... just kidding... but today is Paul's birthday, and we celebrated at Chevy's for dinner.
Watching homemade tortillas being made with Roman. The kids have led a very sheltered restaurant life thus far in their little careers, but they passed this test with flying colors and were promised a chance at another restaurant soon.

Paris stole Daddy's sombrero.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Skateboard update-

Here's Alex trying out his new ramp-

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dress Rehearsal

This time next week we will be in Provo enjoying the snow with the Anderson family. We did a practice run today- everyone's first time in snow pants and boots... next time there will snow in the background of the picture :)

Spike's First Haircut

Here is a before and after picture of Spike, who is a much cherished x-mas present from Omi. The kids have been steadfastly watching his hair grow since before X-mas. Paris performed the first cut. Next will be Alex, then Mason-

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year!!

We pulled out all the stops again this year for New Years- pizza, a fancy toast, a game of Sorry and a lot of confetti, sparklers and smoke bombs.

And for some really big news... as of January 1, 2010, Mason officially has his own room and super big, big boy bed.

Belated Christmas Post!

Mason, Alex and Paris opening presents X-mas morning with Uncle Mike.Checking out stockings-

Alex taking aim w/ his new nerf gun.
Santa brought new skate shoes and a big skate ramp.

Mason got his beloved Diego rescue pack-

Here is a pic of Paris' new doll house-

The one moment (the candle lighting) when everyone was happy during the Christmas Eve church service.
Here's Alex trying out his new pogo stick, with advice from Uncle Mike.

Opening presents with Nonna.

Christmas Eve-

Opening presents with Roman!

Hooting it up with Mike.

Alex has his own indoor miniature skate park.

Paris is proudly displaying her Littlest Pet Shop collection.

Nonna and the kids playing school while Paul and I headed out for a much overdue date!

Paris and Gladyss- our adopted dog, who is really a neighborhood stray whom we have grown to love.