Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last week of School-

  Lily and Paris on their last school field trip of 3rd grade.
3rd grade Egg drop.  Paris and her group made this contraption (in Paris' hands) to try to protect their egg when it was dropped off the library roof by the science teacher. Unfortunately they were not one of the finalists, but it was still exciting.
Mrs. Walker dropping an egg.

Paris' Brownie troop prepared this wall for the school to make a hand print flower mural.  Every student in the school put one hand print on to make a long wall full of colorful flowers.  This was Mason's turn-
... and here he is standing by the finished product.
Last day of kindergarten (right middle) was a lot happier than the first.
And the final hug with Ms. Unland- whom thankfully (and obviously with his big smile) he came full circle with.

Last day of school tradition- splurge at Powell's candy shop.
Paris and Amelia on their first day of summer excursion to the creek.
They were absolutely thrilled to find and rescue this baby bird.  He had fallen into the creek and couldn't get out.  The girls pulled him out, held him until he stopped shivering and was dry, then released him to a safe area near where they found him.  It was very sweet:)

Letting loose on the trampoline.
Yesterday, Paris finished phase one of her braces!!  She will wear retainers now until we know if/when she starts phase two.

Today we went to Paul's softball game.  Now that Alex is way into baseball, he couldn't take his eyes of any play.  He was impressed with his dad's fielding and hitting:)
And Mason fully impressed the men by scaling the fence to retrieve a ball for them.

Alex's All-Stars game.  First time ever pitching... very stressful for me, but Alex did great and loved it. Pitching in his Orioles #19 uniform:)

They won their second game and came in 3rd place in the tournament.
All- Star team- Alex is back row on left.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Catching up the blog!

 Six Flags Discovery Kingdom- Paul, Paris, Mason and Alex went on this ride, Sky Screamer, which is 15 stories high and spins 43 miles per hour... yuck.  I took this photo while they were all up there and felt sick to my stomach just watching.

Alex holding a very large snake.

 Feeding the birds... at one point Paris had three birds on her arm and one on her head.
 The new addition to our backyard!  Paul and I spent many hours last weekend putting it up.
 The first jumps!
 Mason  and Ko jumping-

 Alex and Charlie during field trip to library.

 Buena Vista Field Day.  Mason (in tie-dye) doing tug-of-war.
 Sponge races...
 Paris and her class getting ready for tug-of-war

 Kindergarten career night.  Mason was a karate master.  His friend on the right was the Mayor of Walnut Creek.
 Amelia and Paris at the Brownie overnight camping trip.
 Alex (holding the sign above his head) and Paris (playing Mrs. Bolt, an antique shop owner) performing in the play, The Quest, together.

 Alex (holding the blue bucket) also doubled as a "dog" in the play.

 A much happier and relaxed kindergarten at the end of the year!
A few shots of Alex's game.

Paris and Jennifer before starting their Girls on the Run 5K.
 ...and celebrating afterward with lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mason's Championship Jiujitsu Match

 This was Mason's final match yesterday!!



Mason's First Jiu Jitsu Tournament!

Mason participated in his first real tournament on Saturday and it was amazing.  I had no idea what the rules were or what to expect and I was very pleasantly surprised.  Mason had 6 matches and won them all. It was so intense and exciting.  

 First match- there was a big crowd watching.  I thought Mason might get scared but he went for it.  This was Tiger division and each kid had a coach in their corner helping them.

 Scoring 4points on a hold.

Getting awarded first place medal!

 While the older kids were fighting I took Ko and Mason next door to Trader Joes for a few treats.

Paris and her Girls on the Run Team.  She is training again to run another 5K in May.
 Close range water gun fight between Mason and Alex.