Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mason's Halloween Parade and Carnival -

I was shocked beyond belief when Mason rounded the corner for the parade DRESSED IN COSTUME. The teachers said that he let them put it right on with little issue. I really was floored.I might never recover from seeing his teacher, Miss Sandy, dressed as Little Bo Peep. She is Mason's favorite teacher, but today he was TERRIFIED of her.

Making a popcorn hand with Miss Katie.

Playing with slimy spiders and snakes.

Alex was getting a tattoo from Little Bo Peep.

All of Mason's teachers all dressed up!

4 year check-up

This is what happened when I tried to snap a cute photo of Alex at the Dr.s
Silly face #1



I finally tricked him and said that I was viewing the photos, not taking one, then I quickly snapped a normal one.

Pumpkin Carving!

Pumpkin carving took place at a strategic time... while Mason was napping :)

After the carving Alex disappeared with the scotch tape and returned as a mummy!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party!!

We got off to a rough start last night while preparing for the party- I had to force Mason into his costume kicking and screaming (nice mother). However, it was all worthwhile, because he was proud as a peacock after he got over the initial shock, which in this picture he has not quite done:)

Paris, the mermaid and Alex, the skeleton.
Paris was reunited with her preschool friends, Tucker and Ryan.

Alex's new trick is to make the silliest, weirdest faces WHENEVER I take a picture, even if I threaten his life, so I have to sneak up on him in order to get a normal shot.
Paul got into the spirit of things at the last minute and went as a b-ball player- Roman's old uniform fit perfectly!

This was Mason's reaction to a very scary goblin sitting outside the haunted house. He kept trying to get his attention by saying "boo". It was pretty funny. At least he wasn't scared.
... And here is the goblin/devil.

Ryan's Dad, dressed as phantom of the opera, telling some of the kids a scary story before entering the haunted house. They put it together in a room under their house and it was creepy. Both Paris and Alex went through a couple times.

Paris and Lani.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alex turned 4 years old today!!

Enjoying his new matchbox haunted house before leaving for school this am.Proudly marching his birthday cookies into school to share with his friends.
Party at Pump It Up

Mason had an absolute hay-day at the party. He never stopped running, jumping and sliding and went to bed for the night at 6:30pm :)

Paris enjoying the big slide!

... and goodnight to the 4 yr. old Star Wars clone trooper.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping in line with the tooth theme....

Paris and Alex (his first visit ever) had a total BLAST at the dentist's office yesterday. We might as well have been at Disneyland. There were a lot of toys to play with, Monster's INC. was playing on a big screen and they got a goodie bag full of dental treats. I was afraid Alex would refuse the X-rays, but he was gung ho about it all. They both want to go back ASAP :)
Meanwhile, Mason was lugging his backpack around school. He proudly sports that thing and the heavier it is the better in his eyes.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's Out... and the toothfairy is on her way to our house tonight!

Paris' tooth fell out tonight while she was eating pasta - yah!!
Her brother's kooky reaction.

The dangler.

To add to yesterday's excitement, right before leaving for the game, Mason accidently bumped Paris' somewhat loose front tooth with his not so petite noggin. The result was a gruesomely dangling tooth- the picture does not quite do the tooth justice- it was hanging from a little thread. To Paris' benefit she could only eat cotton candy and frozen lemonade (and, of course any type of candy) all day.A scarier close-up of the scary close-up!

Stanford game Yesterday

Mason, Paris and Alex about to head into the stadium.

Paul, Jeff and Cass... and the kids showing Cass all of their distractions ($ store toys) to get them through the game.
One hour before the game starts, and the ONE and ONLY time that all three were sitting in their seats at the game.Cass and Liam after the game.Liam, Bo, Paris and Jeff (By the end of the game, Alex and Mason were not in a photographic frame of mind!!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Funny Story!

Last night Nonna (Paul's Mom) was here babysitting. At bedtime she read Paris a story called "Incredible You! 10 Ways to Let Your Greatness Shine Through" (which, by the way is a really cute, spiritual book). At the end is a series of questions, so when Nonna read this one - Q. Some people feel a loving Spirit around them. Some feel it in a church, a place of worship, or in nature. Do you feel this mysterious love that connects us all? Where?
Paris' answer was --Yes, in downtown Walnut Creek, and in particular, at Claires. (In other words, while shopping.)
Wow, we got a good laugh out of that one!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We hit the Clayton Valley Pumpkin Patch yesterday.

All the kids loved the big, dark hay maze. They ran through it all day long.Mason was "taking a nap" in one of the huge bins of beans.

Jennifer, Paris and Alex had fun shaking the gourds and making music.

Mason's favorite part was putting balls down these big pipes and watching them come out the other end.

Train ride around the farm.