Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soccer games etc...

The coach, in afro, encouraged the girls to get in the Halloween spirit for their game yesterday. Paris is in the middle with green hair and an "H", "W" (for Hawk Wasps- our lovely team name:( ) on her cheeks.

Action shots...

Mason's game stance. He got an orange mohawk at Paris' game!

Booting the ball-
Madi, Paris and Portia at their favorite hangout... Yogurtland!
Paris colored this pumkin for her teacher:)
Halloween party #2 on Friday night... we are getting in some good practice for the real thing on Monday!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Alex Turns the Big "7" !!

6:30 a.m., October 20, 2011, before school... time to start opening presents:)

Opening cards and presents from Paris and Mason.
Birthday breakfast of champions... doughnut holes, grapes and milk... complete with personalized balloons:)

Perfect start to the day... four square before the bell rings...his mom may have even asked the 5th grader who was in "A" to give him one more chance when he got out since it was his b-day... the 5th grader happily obliged:)
Lined up and ready to go into class with his good friends, Charlie, Ryan and Riley.Let the games begin... we started out with laser tag in the back yard...

The boys (22 of them) and girls (3) grabbed their guns and scattered!
That's Paul being chased by an angry mob.
Paris was armed and dangerous.
Still being chased and fighting back.

Roman had just as much fun as the little boys.

Mason... gun in one hand, caprisun in the other.
Lined up for the giant hamster ball on the side yard.

Paris running in the ball-
Out front the Games2U truck had indoor and outdoor video games going for 16 kids at a time. The girls played Just Dance and were so cute dancing in the driveway.
Intense gamer looks from Jayden, Jake, Alex and Bryce.

More intensity inside the video van.

Scary Birthday cupcakes.
Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!!

Here is Paris, Madi and Jack (her good friends from school) at an amazing Halloween party on Saturday.

Scary closeup of Mason at the party.

...and Sunday was our annual trip to the pumpkin farm.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back Tracking!!

Labor Day Weekend- Paris and I were lucky enough to take a girls-only trip to Portland to see the Acobas and be a part of Ms. Leilani's Baptism :)

And here is the star of the show in her fancy Baptism dress (in her proud Godmother's arms :))... Leilani is amazing, and Paris and I loved the chance to hold her and get to know her.
Max, Morgan, Emily and Paris swimming at Embassy Suites.
Emily and Morgan did Paris' hair and nails... to say she was in heaven would be an understatement.

You can see Paris' fancy hairdo here!

E,M and M introduced Paris to Capture the Flag, which she loved.Hawaiian lunch after Leilani's Baptism.

Moving on to soccer, which is in full swing. Alex is on the Pumas and here is their fancy banner complete with each kid's name.

That's Alex in the middle.

Not to be outdone, here's Mason's team banner.

... and some of his impressive moves.
Speaking of Mason, we have made it over the kindergarten hump. Here he is with two of his new best friends, Ko and Odin.

On a field trip with his class to the Lindsey Museum.

...and eating lunch at school with his friends.

You would never know it but this is Alex (on the left) with his friend Trevor. These zip up hoodies are the popular rage around here.

Madi, Portia and Paris enjoying Yogurtland.
The sweet girls turned scary when we stopped to visit a Halloween store.
Paris getting ready to participate in the school's first annual walkathon.Paris and her friend,Lily, joined a very neat program at school called Girls on the Run. They train twice a week and will run in a 5K race in San Francisco on 12/3.