Sunday, August 29, 2010

Going back in time... a few last shots of summer

We got to spend a long-anticipated day with Julie, Mickey and Nico, who were visiting from France. First off was a pizza party...

Paris, Moca and Nico

...and then some serious jumping at Jump Sky High- here is Alex, Mickey and Nico waiting in line for the foam pit.
Nico's impressive flip!
not to be out done... here's Mickey mid-flip!
Ended a very fun afternoon with dip and dots!

Our last big summer excursion was to Adventure Playground in Berkeley (and hopefully the next location of the Lisi/Rolland family reunion :))

Not your average playground... a lot of sawing, hammering and painting. The place is huge with a large zip line and climbing and forts galore. Although it looks scary everything is actually very sturdy... and we left with all fingers and toes intact.

Paris exploring around.


Mason made an impressive structure, which is pictured here.. that large piece is attached- thankfully we left the masterpiece there!

then off to fly kites near the water.

Mason is a master kitesman- he flew this kite for 1.5 hours and loved every minute.

We finished the day with an ultra-deluxe dinner and dessert at Ikea :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

May the Force be with You.

Mason and Alex just got much desired Light Sabers, which came with a 15 minute dvd showing Star Wars light saber fights. Neither have seen Star Wars, but the dvd made a huge impression on Mason, as you will notice in this video.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School-

Alex started kindergarten today... here he is yesterday checking out his cubby during a classroom visit.

...and drawing a picture with Paris who had the same teacher, Ms. Schoonmaker, two years ago :)

Chowing down a bowl of cereal before the first day of school today.

Official first day photo-

Lining up with his classmates.
Getting ready to start day one.

Paris and Ella - 2nd grade and first year with their own desks!
Paris got a great teacher, Ms. Hamilton... once again her class is full of boys (18, versus girls, only 7)

Mason doesn't start preschool for another 3 weeks. However he fully enjoyed the morning to himself at home. He immediately requested to try out Paris' old barbie roller skates, which would not have gone over well had his dear sister been home.

... and here he is modeling my old skeleton earrings (at least 25 years old)... very random but he thought they looked really cool.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Annual pose in front of Sugar and Spice.
Thoroughly enjoying one of our delicious meals at S & S with Pam, Krista and Mike.

Uncle Mike

The kids were thrilled to have Trent join them in their club.
Mason proudly climbing into the club.

Paris and Omi.
Leaving pictures and treasures in the club to find next summer when we return.

Trent and Nick-

Paul, Dan and Nick heading to the Mustang game in the Mustang!

Big Bonus- the neighbor's let us use some their toys while we were there. Here's Paris clearly thrilled to be trying out an electric scooter for the first time.

Mike giving a quick lesson before letting Alex loose on the electric scooter.

We had a very nice visit with Aunt Eleanor!

Fishing with Uncle Mike at Riverfront Park.

Nick, Mason and Alex-

Paul and Paris

Paris is holding one of the many fish caught.

Mason getting ready to cast his extra fancy sponge bob fishing rod.
Nick and Omi

Mason holding one of the frogs that we caught near the Yellowstone River.

Hanging out on the bank of the river.

Paris and the frog.

Mike caught a few more fish on the river.

Apostle Paul parting the Red Sea.