Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few randoms from the last couple of weeks-

Hard to tell from this picture but Paris got her first real haircut (layered all around) recently.

The boys with Gladys - and Alex lost his second tooth on the bottom, hence the big hole down there :)

I came home one day from running errands to see this escapade (sink is full of water and bubbles, which are dripping down the entire counter)... it was actually a planned and acceptable activity approved by Dad!?!

Alex's tricks are getting more advanced and scary by the moment.

Skateboard lessons-

Catching air on his scooter.
Mason is our b-ball man!

Our favorite (and only) hot spot- Yan Can.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Big Leagues

Alex had his Little League (peanut division :)) try-outs on Saturday. Here is his game face getting ready to leave the house. Alex insisted on wearing his "uniform", which was actually his Halloween costume from 3 years ago.

They rated each player on grounders, catching pop-flies and batting. He was a little nervous but had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, here is Alex (&Mason) about 10 hours later with a flu bug. At the exact same time on Saturday night both boys got sick and are still suffering at this moment :(

Friday, February 5, 2010

Blog Update... finally

Here is Alex and Tom (his bear from school that he gets to take care of for the week).
Here is a picture of Gladys (and Mason) while she was still a neighborhood stray who slept outside.

Here is a picture of Gladys in our house as a full fledged new member of our family. She is the sweetest dog and we all love her.Paris and some of her fellow Daisy Girl Scouts at a Songfest activity.Hairy Dogs- if you look closely you will see the ultimate in fine dining. I saw this in a kid's magazine and they loved it. You cut up a hot dog into pieces then push raw spaghetti through the pieces and boil until the pasta is ready. Viola... hairy dogs.

Alex, Paris and Mason out in one of our many rain storms lately.